Events - 2019

February 2019
The St. Lawrence Players, recipients of the FEHG Community Shield 2018, have raised an amazing £900.00 for their 2018 charity. The cheque was presented to RNIB Sunshine House School Northwood. 

The Players will be presenting another sparkling production at the EHG Summer Picnic on June 8th 2019.

Heathrow Expansion Consultation
This consultation closes on March 4th.

The consultation covers the extra flight paths for the third runway.


Both the third runway and the proposed changes to the use of the existing runways will affect all of us badly. As ever the information available and the public exhibitions leave out more than they put in.

The Civil Aviation Authority [CAA] states the following:-

Heathrow already impacts more people than any other airport in Europe’
Over 55 decibels of noise is ‘significantly annoying to those who live and work near the airport’
There are many consultation documents, if you can find them, each giving part of the story.

The use of the runways depends on wind speed and direction. Therefore, whatever is promised, the weather conditions will over ride such promises. So, residents can never be sure when they are going to be deafened.  Currently there is no ban on night flying to and from Heathrow, any breaks are voluntary. Last departures are around 11pm, early arrivals are coming in at 4.30am. Which means if lucky we will be allowed 5.5 hours sleep per night. How generous of Heathrow Limited! The time could be less if there have been delays and catch up time is needed. According to the exhibition documentation there will be up to 25 flights per hour between 6am -7am, one every 3 minutes, all above 60 decibels, they do not say how many decibels above. Only the quietest planes will be used.[ Is there any such thing a quite aircraft?] The ‘quietest’ planes according to Heathrow Limited, are Boeing and Airbus. National Air Traffic Control [NATS] gives figures for both Boeing and Airbus all of which exceed 60 decibels by a long way. 70 decibels is the most common. Weather and atmospheric conditions can also increase the noise level.

60 decibels is equal to a noisy office.
70 is equal to a vacuum cleaner at 1 metre.

This of course is just noise level, vibration has not been monitored. The questionnaire asks very silly questions such as Q2, would you prefer to have longer periods of respite less frequently (all day on some days but no relief on other days) or a shorter period of respite (e.g. 4-5 hours a day) Please tell us the reasons for your preference. Please provide any other comments or suggestions you have on runway and airspace alternation.

I would suggest the answer to this and all the other similar questions is,

'We do not want any flights over our towns and villages at any time day or night.’ All proposals in the documentation are not acceptable.

The Airports National Policy Statement [ANPS] will allow Heathrow to have a maximum extra 260.000 traffic movements per year.[ATMs] This bringing total to 480,000 ATMs per year, with the third runway. However, should the third runway not go ahead, Heathrow will continue to use the IPA on the two runways. Thereby, bringing more residential areas under flight paths. See Making use of our existing runways.

The noise will not only disrupt use of our homes, it will disrupt use of gardens, open spaces, schools, every conceivable part of our lives. Including our Colne Valley Regional Park, the proposals will make parts of the park unusable and be detrimental to wildlife. Those who already live under flight paths will have even more flights to cope with.

It is vital as many people as possible send in their views. This can be done in three ways, via the online consultation document, which I have heard is very difficult to navigate. By email, or by a paper form. The attached leaflet gives more contacts for obtaining more information. Where ever you live in Hillingdon you will be affected by any of these changes. As well as taking part in the consultation please write to your MP.

Nick Hurd- Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner –
Boris Johnson – Uxbridge & South Ruislip –
John McDonnel – Hayes & Harlington – 

Nick Hurd is surprised at the lack of correspondence he has had on this matter from constituents, please write to your MP the more objections the more they can complain. If we do not answer this consultation when it comes to the inquiry, Heathrow can say residents did not take part so do not mind what happens. 


One final thought, Airbus has stopped production of the giant A380, because of lack of sales. It was stated that Airlines want smaller planes so that they can use regional airports. Passengers can go directly to their destination without having to change at a hub airport, e.g. Heathrow.

It would appear that this project will be a white elephant before long, all the more reason to oppose it now.


Lesley Crowcroft
Chairman - Eastcote Conservation Panel

Eastcote Horticultural Society Spring Show: Saturday 16th March 2019
The first 2019 show of the Eastcote Horticultural Society was well attended with plenty of spring interest. A big thank you to the ladies who picked the flowers on the Friday morning and staged them on the Saturday morning.

FEHG entered 51 exhibits and were awarded the following:

5 x 1st Awards
15 x 2nd Awards
16 x 3rd Awards

FEHG were also awarded for 2018 the RHS Banksian medal for the highest points in horticultural classes and jointly with Lesley Crowcroft the Bertram Park rose bowl for the highest points in rose classes.

Saturday 8th June 2019
Summer Picnic
​​Despite a cold and drizzly start to the day, our fantastic team of volunteers worked very hard to make sure that everything was ready in good time. Right on cue, the sun appeared from behind the clouds just before the Picnic began, and everyone enjoyed a bright, if breezy afternoon.

There was plenty for visitors to do while they were there – stalls run by the Friends of Eastcote House Gardens included a Tea Garden, a tombola, children’s games, a book sale, a raffle and a sale of home-made items from the weekly Craft Group. The Picnic is very much a local community event, so there were also stalls from a wide range of voluntary groups, including the Lions and the British Legion. As if all this wasn’t enough, the Dog Show in the park featured breeds of all shapes and sizes, and the more daring among us could also have a go on the Scouts’ climbing wall.

A wide variety of musical entertainment was provided by Jazzology, Stumbling Block and Beaux and Bells. We were pleased to welcome the Mayor and Mayoress of Hillingdon, Cllr. David Yarrow and Mrs Mary O’Connor, who were full of admiration for the many different features they saw in the Walled Garden, the Alpine Mound, Jubilee Orchard, Prairie Bed, Shade Garden, Summer Border, Woodland Garden and Hazel Shrubbery. 
The Picnic was a great success: lots of local people had a great afternoon out in the sunshine, and we raised much-needed funds not only for the Gardens, but also for a variety of local charities. A very big Thank You is due to everyone – volunteers and visitors – who made this year’s Picnic a great success.

To view the photos below please click on the image and then use the arrows to scroll through them.

Eastcote Horticultural Society Summer Show: Saturday 15th June 2019
Another great success for FEHG at the Eastcote Horticultural Society show. A big thank you to the ladies who picked the flowers on Friday and staged them on Saturday morning: Sue Place, Jane Neave, Janet Green and Linda Wells.

FEHG entered 24 exhibits and were awarded the following:

6 x 1st Awards
8 x 2nd Awards
3 x 3rd Awards

This year the FEHG entered the ferns and grasses classes for the first time and achieved a 1st & 2nd in both.

Monday 1st July 2019: Friends of Eastcote House Gardens volunteers recognised
Volunteers with five or more years’ service with the Friends of Eastcote House Gardens were today recognised by Hillingdon Council.

The Worshipful the Mayor of Hillingdon, Cllr. David Yarrow, presented each volunteer with a lapel pin. The presentation took place in the Stables at Eastcote House Gardens, followed by tea and cakes.

Friday 19th July 2019: 4th Eastcote Scouts volunteer in Long Meadow
The Friends of Eastcote House Gardens once again welcomed the 4th Eastcote Scouts to Long Meadow for a litter pick. It was a rather damp evening, but this did not deter the group from tackling their task with enthusiasm. In total, three sacks of litter plus a car tyre were removed from the meadow. 
A big thank you to the Scouts for helping to keep Eastcote looking clean and tidy - what a pity those who throw the litter do not have the same pride in where they live.

Saturday 7th September 2019: Eastcote Horticultural Society Autumn Show - Apples
For a second time the Friends of Eastcote House Gardens were able to exhibit apples grown in our Jubilee Orchard (the first time was 2017). Five classes were entered, namely Spartan, Sunset, Fiesta, Egremont Russet and Lane’s Prince Albert, which are all dessert apples.  
We achieved the following:

Spartan – 1st and 2nd
Sunset – 1st and 2nd
Fiesta – 1st and 2nd
Egremont Russet – 1st and 2nd
Lane’s Prince Albert – 3rd

The points achieved from these entries led to us being awarded the Tingay cup for the highest points in fruit classes.

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Saturday 7th September 2019: Eastcote Horticultural Society Autumn Show - Flowers
The final show of the year was well attended with plenty of colourful exhibits. The Friends of Eastcote House Gardens staged 29 exhibits and were awarded the following:

12 x First awards
10 x Second awards
4 x Third awards

We were awarded a Gold medal Diploma for the highest points in flower classes.

Many thanks to the show team for picking on Friday and staging on Saturday morning.

To view the photos below please click on the image and then use the arrows to scroll through them.

Sunday 22nd September 2019
London Open House
The Friends have participated in this popular event, which is run jointly with the London Borough of Hillingdon for many years.
This year after heavy rain in the early hours of the morning and more forecast for later in the day, we took the decision to move most of the Friends’ stalls to inside the Stables. The plant sale still went ahead in the gardeners’ yard and the second hand book sale in the gardeners’ cabin. Everyone rallied round including the outside exhibitors who were due to have tables in the Stables and by the time of opening at 10am everything was ready.

During the morning the site was busy with many visitors, some no doubt attracted by the impressive display of classic cars, which had come despite the unsettled weather. Other visitors enjoyed sampling the delicious homemade cakes from our tea tent and listening to the music group ‘Jazzology’. Later in the day the music group ‘Stumbling Block’ provided more entertainment. 
It was a shame that just before the Deputy Mayor Teji Barnes and her escort arrived the heavens opened. This meant that the presentation ceremony of the community shield by Terry and Joan Butfield to the Eastcote Horticultural Society had to take place inside a rather congested Stables. Despite the rain they enjoyed their tour of the site and buildings and they expressed their appreciation for the work and enthusiasm of all the volunteers. 
The weather continued to be unsettled during the afternoon which did affect the number of visitors. However, the event was still a success and we raised over £1,150. This was due in no small measure to the hard work and effort of all the volunteers and we thank them all.

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Latest Book Published: September 2019
The latest publication under the name of the Friends of Eastcote House Gardens Community Archive 'Eastcote's Old Farms' is now available painting a picture of Eastcote's rural past with images to complement details of over 20 farms and orchards. Further details about this new publication and our earlier publications on the history of Eastcote can be found by clicking on the Community Archive and Publications tab below.

London in Bloom awards - Friday 20th September 2019
The Awards Ceremony for London in Bloom took place at Mile End Park.

Results were very successful - not only for the Friends of Eastcote House Gardens, but also for the ​Friends of Pinn Meadows, the Highgrove Woods volunteers and - of course - for Hillingdon Council. Congratulations to Hillingdon Council and to the many volunteers involved in keeping our open spaces to such high standards.

Friends of Eastcote House Gardens
Eastcote House Gardens – Park of the Year – Gold
Long Meadow – Large Conservation Area – Gold
Walled Garden – Gold
Our Community [Volunteer award] – Gold
It’s Your Neighbourhood [Volunteer award] – Outstanding Level 5

Friends of Pinn Meadows
It’s your Neighbourhood [Volunteer Award] – Outstanding Level 5
Our Community [Volunteer award] – Silver Gilt
Pinn Meadows - Large Conservation Area – Silver Gilt

Highgrove Woods
Small Conservation Area – Silver Gilt
Eastcote Village – Silver Gilt - Category winner

Other awards for nearby sites
Heritage Park of the Year – Manor Farm – Silver Gilt
Common of the Year – Poor’s Field Ruislip – Gold
Park of the Year – Polish War Memorial – Gold
Large Park of the Year – Ruislip Lido – Gold

Dinah & Sue collect one of the FEHG awards.

September 2019:
The FEHG Community Shield, sponsored by Joan & Terry Butfield, was presented to Eastcote Horticultural Society by the Deputy Mayor of Hillingdon Cllr. Teji Barnes.

EHS have for nearly 80 years helped the residents of Eastcote with all gardening matters. There are three shows a year, a trading hut selling plants bulbs and other gardening requisites. The Society is open to all for a small charge of £3.00 per family.

Saturday 30th November 2019
After a rainy week, we enjoyed a lovely sunny day for this year’s Tree-Dressing. Two schools – Field End Infants and Lady Bankes Infants – brought choirs and entertained us with festive songs. We also had representatives from both the 4th and the 6th Eastcote Beavers and Cubs and a group from St Vincent’s nursing home in Pinner. After the choirs, we enjoyed some rousing community singing of Hark the Herald Angels Sing, O Come All Ye Faithful and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Then the Mayor and Mayoress of Hillingdon presented each community group with a thank you gift from the Friends of Eastcote House Gardens, after which they led the dressing of the tree.

Thursday 19th December 2019
The Friends welcomed 14 volunteers from Toshiba who came to assist with planting the next section of the Pamela Gardens hedge. They dug, planted, mulched and secured tree guards to 50 shrubs and then watered them. The group learnt about the shrubs they were planting.  Thanks go to Steve, Sue, Keith, Tony, Malcolm and Richard who assisted the Toshiba volunteers with their tasks.

Special thanks go to Margaret and Doris who efficiently provided refreshments not only for the Toshiba volunteers but also our own gardeners.