Events - 2020

Saturday 14th March 2020: Eastcote Horticultural Society Spring Show
The first show of 2020 of the Eastcote Horticultural Society was well attended with plenty of spring interest.

A big thank you to the ladies who picked the flowers on the Friday morning and staged them on the Saturday morning.

FEHG entered 49 exhibits and were awarded the following:

10 x 1st Awards
11 x 2nd Awards
10 x 3rd Awards

FEHG were also awarded the J S Ranger cup for attaining the highest points in daffodil classes.

They were also presented with the Highmead cup for the highest points in apples classes for 2019 and the T G Cross Memorial Challenge cup for the highest points in fruit classes for 2019.  

To see the photographs, please click the thumbnails below.

May 2020: New addition to Long Meadow
There is a lovely new seat by the River Pinn backwater in Long Meadow. The seat was donated by a local resident.

September 2020
During ‘lockdown’ and the continuing trying times the Gardens have been a source of pleasure and peaceful tranquillity to so many. Visitor numbers have soared, some discovering this gem for the first time. The following poem was written this year by a regular visitor, it does capture the all year magic of the garden.

A very special garden
Within these four walls an unfolding story;
Each taking their turn to unravel their glory.
Ephemeral balance and a great sense of peace,
A floral palette in this masterpiece.
A week or two’s heyday, but then they withdraw
As another on cue takes to the floor.
Protagonists emerge as the novel unfolds;
Revealing their truths as the story is told.
Fun in naming the ones that we know,
And spotting the buds just beginning to grow
The satin of petals lit by the sun;
Texture and colour harmonising as one.
Peace from abundance and much loving care:
A garden like poetry, and one we can share.
Grateful for this natural beauty and art
That brightens our days and touches our hearts.

NL 21.5.20


(FEHG thank NL for this very lovely poem praising our very special Walled Garden)

November 2020
The Gardens have received a Certificate of Recognition from the Royal Horticultural Society and London in Bloom.

To see the certificate and the RHS letter, please click the logos below.